Living in Jamaica vs. Living in Rwanda

Greetings Earthlings,

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted unfortunately. But I do have so much to say 🙂 I realized that I’m creeping up on three (!) years of living in Rwanda. That’s a blink of an eye, but also a lifetime. Friends here and at home are always asking me to compare both places. Now there’s an old saying that tells us that comparison is the thief of joy. That being said, I do understand why folks ask that question. So, I decided to shoot a little vlog to address the issue. What was supposed to be 5 mins turned into almost an hour, so we’ll have to do this in parts. This week, I’ll address geography, language, sports, and politics. Let me know what other issues you’d like me to compare, and I’ll include them in future videos.


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