My Podcast: More than Regular

Hey guys and gals,

It’s been a long time! I have been quiet, but I have been working. If you’ve read the blog, then you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m insatiably curious about people across the globe. I think almost everyone has an interesting story to share, and I love collecting those stories. I haven’t always done a consistent job of writing those stories here on the blog. But as a podcast junkie, I’ve decided that starting a podcast of my own might be a great way to capture some of the amazing stories I hear in my travels and daily life.

The podcast is called  More than Regular, because it’s meant to chronicle the extraordinary moments we often pass by. Most of us have a celebrity we look up to, from Oprah, to political figures, to athletes. The gap between us and them sometimes feel so wide, and often serve as a reminder that our goals are seemingly unattainable. Yet, there are people we pass by everyday who are doing amazing things, and might even be positioning themselves to be the Oprahs and Obamas of the future. More Than Regular is here to capture their stories. More Than Regular Podcast

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