More than Regular Ep 2: Michelle Pickering: Homeopath in Uganda

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If you haven’t listened to episode 1, I suggest giving a listen to Jeanetta’s story of coming to Rwanda as a lawyer, and opening the country’s most recognizable fitness brand.

Michelle Pickering, Jamaican-American Homeopath at Entrepreneur behind Zuri Medicine, Uganda.
Michelle Pickering, Jamaican-American Homeopath at Entrepreneur behind Zuri Medicine, Uganda.

On today’s episode, Michelle shares her fascinating journey from Montego Bay, Jamaica (my hometown!) to pursuing a career as a homeopath in Tanzania and Uganda – both in East Africa. She explains the benefits of homeopathy compared to modern medicine, and how she came to start her own line of products under her brand, Zuri Medicine. She talks about the challenges of living an ocean away from her four children, and shares a hilarious anecdote about the stereotypes she encounters as a Jamaican.

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2:00 – What is homeopathy?

5:00 – How her daughter’s illness lead her to homeopathy.

8:26 – How Michelle started making her own medicine for sale.

14:00 – The irony of selling homeopathic medicine in settings where traditional medicine is available.

19:45 – Why Michelle moved from Tanzania to Uganda.

24:00 – Perceptions of Jamaican culture in East Africa.

28:30 – Advice to those looking to move to East Africa, including real talk about the challenges!

34:30 – The choice and challenge of living away from her four children.

42:00 – The meaning of Zuri in Zuri Medicine. (Hint: It’s a Swahili word.)


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